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Custom Biodegradable Stickers/Labels

Did you know that most paper stickers/labels in the market are not recyclable?


To solve that, we decided to provide biodegradable labels using various biodegradable paper and biodegradable film face stocks. Plastic laminations are used in most labels, which makes them non-recyclable. While our biodegradable labels are plastic-free, when applied to glass/recyclable jars/bottles, they can be recycled from your home recycling bins, which is assessed and approved by Australasian Recycling Label Program.


We supply custom biodegradable stickers/labels to businesses in the food & drink industry, cosmetic & body care industry and all companies who want to provide eco-friendly packaging. You can easily customise your shapes, sizes, and designs with us. If you would like to receive your instant custom quote, please click the below link.




In addition to biodegradable labels, we also offer compostable labels/stickers made with compostable face stocks and compostable adhesives certified with ‚ÄúOK Compost‚ÄĚ, renewable labels made from 100% renewable wood-based materials and post-consumer recycled (PCR) labels.


What are biodegradable labels?


Biodegradable labels/stickers are made from sustainable and plant-based materials and will be broken down by nature, such as bacteria, fungus and plants, which reduce landfill waste. They require lower levels of volatile organic compounds and waste during production, which reduces the environmental footprint.


What are our biodegradable labels/sticker solutions?


FSC-certified paper labels


These labels are made with materials coming from responsibly managed, FSC-certified forests. Unlike most paper labels in the market, they are entirely plastic-free with no lamination on top of the face stock. They are both biodegradable and recyclable.


Bagasse paper labels


These labels are made with bagasse, which remains after the juice is extracted from the sugar cane plant. Bagasse is an abundant agricultural by-product. Approximately 1 billion tons (dry weight equivalent) of bagasse is generated for every 1.2 billion tons of sugar cane produced annually. While the part is burned in boilers and used as the power source for making sugar, the rest is discarded. Surplus bagasse can be easily turned into pulp that can be used as the raw material for manufacturing paper. They are biodegradable. 


Recycled Paper Label


Our recycled paper face stock is made from 100% post-consumer waste, including up to 30% liner waste. It can offer your business a vital differentiation point by helping you meet customers’ sustainability expectations without compromising print results. Our recycled paper face stock provides a similar appearance to conventional face stocks, but it converts faster and is manufactured without chlorine bleaching. Using recycled paper also reduces the consumption of energy, water, and trees and reduces greenhouse gas emissions and waste. These Recycled Paper Labels are the labels of the future!


Art Paper Label


We offer eco-friendly art papers for custom labels/stickers, which helps you as a business build and communicate a sustainable image while differentiating your brand with a unique story. For instance, paper made using grape residues can be used to make your wine labels. Our art paper labels include


Grape Waste Labels: made with 15% grape waste from winemaking + 40% post-consumer recycled fibre.

Cane Fibre Paper Labels: made with a minimum of 90% bagasse fibre sourced from sugar cane waste.

Cotton Labels: a premium wine and spirits label made with 100% cotton.


To explore more about eco-friendly specialty art papers, please visit here. 


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