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Custom Biodegradable Stickers/Labels

Did you know that normal everyday stickers/labels are NOT recyclable?

To solve that, we decided to provide Biodegradable and Compostable Labels which use biodegradable and compostable adhesive in combination with a whole range of paper and biodegradable film face stocks. We supply custom Biodegradable Stickers/Labels to businesses in the food & drink industry, cosmetic & body care industry and all businesses who want to provide Eco-friendly Packaging.



  • Adhesive 
    This special adhesive was awarded the “OK Compost” certificate, which verifies it as both biodegradable and compostable, providing a sustainable advantage to any business. This is ideal for product packaging used for beverages, especially biodegradable bottles (e.g. PLA),  as well as healthcare and bio-cosmetics products that want to use biodegradable packaging. It’s also safe to label directly onto dry foods, such as fruits and vegetables.


  • Bio-based PE Film
    The material’s face stock is made mostly from sugar cane ethanol, certified under the Bonsucro® scheme. The material converts in a similar way to conventional polyethylene (PE), ensuring easy application whilst providing the functionality and performance of a conventional PE label. The bio-based PE film is available in white and clear.
  • Key benefits
    – Uses existing production methods
    – Easy application
    – Helps YOUR brand communicate positive, environmentally conscious values
    – Helps reduce your dependency on fossil fuels by protecting scarce resources and therefore helps reduce your carbon footprint by using plant biomass
    – You can still create a 100% customisable packaging product


  • MarbleBase facestock
    This new material is made from calcium carbonate derived from marble mining waste (80%), together with up to 20% recycled high-density polyethylene (HDPE)*. Meet the increasing consumer demand for environmentally responsible packaging with this product!
  • Recycled Paper Label
    Our recycled paper face stock is made from 100% post-consumer waste, including up to 30% liner waste. It can offer your business an important differentiation point by helping you to meet customers’ sustainability expectations without compromising on print results. Our recycled paper face stock offers a similar appearance to conventional face stocks, but it converts faster and is manufactured without chlorine bleaching. Using recycled paper also reduces the consumption of energy, water, trees, and reduces greenhouse gas emissions and waste. These Recycled Paper Labels are the labels of the future!
  • Sustainable wine labelling
    We offer Eco-Friendly Paper made with agro-industrial waste. This helps you as a business to build and communicate a sustainable image whilst at the same time, differentiating your brand with a unique story. For instance, paper made using grape residues can be used to make your wine labels.
    Grape Waste Labels: made with 15% grape waste from wine making + 40% post-consumer recycled fibre.
    Cane Fibre Paper Labels: made with a minimum of 90% bagasse fibre, sourced from sugar cane waste.
    Cotton Labels: a premium wine and spirits label material that is made with 100% cotton.

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