Compostable Labels/Stickers

We offer compostable labels/stickers made with a wide range of compostable self-adhesive face stock to businesses. The materials used to make compostable labels/stickers are fully certified to the compost standard EN13432 for industrial composting, which is compostable in industrial composting facilities. On top of that, they are also approved for direct food contact and comply with EC1935/2004 & FDA (175.105).  


Our compostable labels/stickers are customisable. You can customise your sizes, shapes and designs to meet your branding requirements. Compostable labels are suitable for organic fruit/vegetable, food, skincare, and coffee packaging. 



Benefits of Compostable Labels/Stickers 


They will break down in industrial composting facilities and won’t end up in landfill.

They are fully compostable, so your customers won’t need to peel them off the packaging when discarding them.¬†


The materials used to make compostable labels/stickers are mostly made from natural and renewable resources, ensuring a minimal environmental footprint.


Compostable Labels/Stickers Solutions


Compostable Adhesive 

This unique adhesive coated on the materials was awarded the “OK Compost” certificate, which verifies it as both biodegradable¬†and¬†compostable, providing a¬†sustainable advantage to any business.


This is ideal for packaging for beverages, especially biodegradable bottles (e.g. PLA), as well as healthcare and bio-cosmetics products that want to use biodegradable packaging. It’s also safe to label directly onto dry foods, such as fruits and vegetables.


Compostable Face Stock

There are several different materials are available in the compostable range, including: 


Agricultural waste natural paper 

Agricultural waste natural paper is an eco-friendly paper made from agricultural waste. It features a subtle texture, giving the paper a natural and premium look and feel. It is more environmentally friendly than conventional white paper, which is usually made from trees.


Machine coated paper

This face stock is made from FSC-certified wood pulp from sustainably managed forests. Due to its coated top layer, it features a smooth surface and is suitable for high-quality printing. 


In addition to compostable labels, we also offer other eco-friendly labels/stickers, including biodegradable labels, renewable labels and post-consumer recycled (PCR) labels. 


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