Paper Boxes

Did you know that a positive unboxing experience generates word-of-mouth marketing and increases sales? As a custom packaging supplier, we are here to work with you to enhance your unboxing experience.

There are a variety of box styles to choose from for different kinds of the unboxing experience. Our custom packaging service starts by recommending styles, from cardboard boxes and rigid boxes to corrugated boxes; we provide different types to suit your business needs. To make your packaging distinctive and unique, we offer special paper materials, including texture papers, sustainable papers, and pulp-dyed coloured papers. To achieve a quality look, we introduce state-of-art printing technology to packaging production, making your complicated designs like foil stamping and embossing come true.

Customise your paper boxes, rigid boxes, gift boxes, hamper boxes and more with Myerton Packaging today. We offer free shipping to Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, Adelaide and Perth metro areas.