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Film based Eco Packaging

At Myerton Packaging, we care about the environment; we offer the latest and technologically advanced eco-friendly packaging and are always looking for new innovative solutions to wow your customers!

We have a range of exciting products, from biodegradable or compostable labels, mailers, home compostable, industrial compostable and recyclable pouches!

Our eco-friendly film-based packaging solutions are also highly customisable, which means you can choose from different materials, sizes, shapes, finishes, and more!

Our eco-friendly packaging solutions:

For more information on the differences between home compostable, industrial compostable, biodegradable etc.- click here!

Not sure which eco-friendly solution is right for you and your products? Check out this sustainable hierarchy page to learn about how you can contribute to a circular economy and what would work best for your business!

Biodegradable / Compostable Labels

Did you know that generic stickers and labels used by people day to day are NOT recyclable? To solve that, we started producing biodegradable and compostable labels that use biodegradable and compostable adhesives in combination with a whole range of paper and biodegradable film face stocks! Using compostable labels ensures the entire packaging product can be suitably composted and won’t end up in a landfill!

Why us?

Our compostable labels are correctly certified, and our recycled paper face stock is developed from 100% post-consumer waste. Our recycled paper face stock also converts faster than conventionally and is manufactured without chlorine bleaching whilst still offering the same appearance. The recycled paper labels also reduce energy consumption, greenhouse gas emissions, and waste during production. 


  • “OK Compost” certified adhesive, which is recognised as both biodegradable and compostable
  • Bio-based PE Film, mostly made from sugarcane ethanol and is available in white and clear
  • Marble Base facestock, made from calcium carbonate derived from marble mining waste (80%) and together with up to 20% recycled high-density polyethylene
  • 100% Recycled Paper
  • 100% Cotton Label Paper
  • 90% Sugarcane fibre paper
  • Paper made with recycled agro-industrial waste


Help YOUR business meet the growing consumer demand for responsible packaging by providing fully compostable packaging that is both stylish and eco-friendly! Contact us today to find out how


  • Make your products’ packaging both biodegradable and compostable!
  • Direct labelling for dry foods, including fruit and vegetables
  • Beverages, especially on biodegradable bottles (e.g. PLA)
  • Healthcare and bio-cosmetics (e.g. on biodegradable packaging)

Healthcare and Bio-cosmetics

Biodegradable adhesive and film face stock labels

Wine Labels

Wine labels created from wine (grapes) waste and recycled

PLA Bottle Labels

Biodegradable PLA bottles with biodegradable labels

Organic Food Labels

Organic food packaging and labels for dry foods such as fruits and vegetables

Home-compostable Flexible Packaging

We make pouches from NatureFlex™ films, which are cellulose based, one of the most naturally abundant organic materials on earth.

This cellulose is derived from renewable wood pulp that is sustainably harvested from FSC managed forests. NatureFlex™ films are certified ASTM D6400 for bio-based content, and depending on the grade of film, the bio-based content can vary from 90% to 99%.


  • Certified for home composting by ‘OK Compost Home’ by TUV Austria and aligns with the Australian standard AS5810 approved by the ABA, 26 weeks in your garden compost, and it’s gone!
  • Resistant to grease, oil and fats, the films are microwave and conventional oven safe.
  • Suitable for printed / overlap / flow-wrap
  • You will have a coating that helps maximize your products’ shelf life and enhances the products’ presentation!
  • Our valves and zips are combined with compostable laminate materials in line with the EN 13432 Industrial standard to ensure the packaging can be easily composted at a commercial facility and separated from a landfill without the hassle of removing any components! 
  • Our paper for the outside packaging layer is FSC (Forest Stewardship Council) Certified Paper, responsibly sourced from environmentally managed forests. When composted, this paper also enhances soil quality.
  • The multi-layered film material inside the pouch also acts as a safeguard to preserve the aroma of your products against moisture and oxygen and prevents UV damage. 
  • The inside film layer provides excellent heat sealability and is in line with Industrial Compostable Standards such as the Australian Standard AS4736-2006, The International Organisation for Standardisation ISO 17088, ASTM International ATSM D6400, and the European Standard EN13432 and complies with stringent food contact conditions.

Uncoated material

Metallised material

Barrier protection

Safe for direct food contact

Our compostable mailers are the perfect solution for mailing your products in style in a way that benefits the environment!


We carefully select our suppliers to provide certification that all of our final products are in line with current International compostable standards such as the Home Compostable Australian Standard AS 5810, The Australiasian Bioplastics Association’s ABAP 20009, OK Compost Home S0563 TUV Austria and the BPI Compostable in industrial facilities Certification 10528689.


Our mailers are made from a combination of PBAT (a fully compostable co-polymer) and PLA, a biodegradable material derived from renewable plant materials such as corn starch. The material is light, strong and flexible due to the properties of PBAT and PLA, making them perfect for E-Commerce brands transporting products such as clothing, fashion accessories, cosmetics, books and a range of other items!

Styles and sizes

Choose from a variety of standard sizes and colours for your mailers or utilise our custom size and printing services (our minimum order quantity is 30,000 pieces). We can create a fully compostable mailer using any design suited to your vision and brand.


We recommend using these mailers within 10-12 months of purchasing for optimum quality.

Once the mailers have been used, strip off the stickers and adhesive strips, and then they can be diverted with other organic matter. They can biodegrade carbon dioxide and organic matter into the water within approximately 90 days. They can also be composted industrially and biodegraded into organic biomass.

We can offer a wide range of options for biodegradable packaging – start an eco-friendly business, and create a more sustainable future. Let us help you by enquiring with us today.

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