Film based Eco Packaging

At Myerton Packaging we care about the environment, we offer the latest and technologically advanced eco-friendly packaging available. Our biodegradable packaging is also highly customisable which means you can choose different material, size, shape, finish, and more!

Our Solutions:

Biodegradable / Compostable Labels

Did you know that generic stickers and labels used by people day to day are NOT recyclable?  To solve that, we started producing biodegradable as well as compostable labels which uses biodegradable and compostable adhesive in combination with a whole range of paper and biodegradable film face stocks! Help YOUR business meet the growing consumer demand for responsible packaging by providing fully compostable packaging that is both stylish and eco friendly! Contact us today to find out how

  • “OK Compost” certified adhesive, which is recognised as both¬†biodegradable¬†and¬†compostable
  • Bio-based PE Film, mostly made from sugarcane¬†ethanol and is available in white and clear
  • Marble Base facestock, made from calcium carbonate derived from marble mining waste (80%) and together with up to 20% recycled high density polyethylene
  • 100% Recycled Paper
  • 100% Cotton Label Paper
  • 90% Sugarcane fibre paper
  • Paper made with recycled agro-industrial waste


  • Make your products’ packaging both biodegradable and compostable!
  • Direct labelling for dry foods, including fruit and vegetables
  • Beverages, especially on biodegradable bottles (e.g. PLA)
  • Healthcare and bio-cosmetics (e.g. on biodegradable packaging)

Healthcare and Bio-cosmetics

Biodegradable adhesive and film face stock labels

Wine Labels

Wine labels created from wine (grapes) waste and recycled

PLA Bottle Labels

Biodegradable PLA bottles with biodegradable labels

Organic Food Labels

Organic food packaging and labels for dry foods such as fruits and vegetables

Home-compostable Flexible Packaging

We make pouches from NatureFlex‚ĄĘ films, which are based on Cellulose, one of the most naturally abundant organic materials on earth.

This cellulose is derived from renewable wood pulp that is sustainably harvested from¬†FSC managed forests. NatureFlex‚ĄĘ films are certified¬†ASTM D6400¬†for bio-based content, and depending on the grade of film, the bio-based content can vary from 90% to 99%.


  • Certified home compostable pouch, 26 weeks in your garden compost and it’s gone!
  • Resistant to grease, oil and fats, the films are microwave and conventional oven safe
  • Suitable for printed / overlap / flow-wrap
  • You will have a coating that helps maximize the shelf life of your products and enhances the presentation of the products!




Directly Food Contact

We can offer a wide range of options for biodegradable packaging – start a eco-friendly business, to create a more sustainable furture. Let us help you by enquiring with us today.

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