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No part of the globe is too far for Myerton Packaging. We always find solutions to create meaningful relationships with clients no matter where they’re situated and whatever the time zone. Learn more about our complete list of personalised services here

We ship globally, can organise packaging consultations via online communication or phone and can send actual samples of our products before your purchase! Contact us today to see what we can do for your business!

An example of a global solution from one of our clients:

  • We are based in Perth, WA, we have clients in Margaret River, WA, and our designer was in Spain…..
  • Our manufacturers in China discovered an issue with how to convert printed sheets into a physical box with embossing and controlling its accuracy….
  • So we reached out to our global network for a solution…….
  • We found the perfect printing machines from Germany– with small volume, low quantity print requirements, digital printing abilities, and excellent consistency with die cutting, embossing and converting (a precision of 0.1mm!)

Our partners

Raw materials

Colorplan ranges from the UK

We use the bespoke Colorplan range (est 1936) to ensure the highest quality colour printing and the best new innovative eco-friendly designs for the beautiful presentation of your products. All 55 of its colours, embossing and weights are sustainably made in the UK.

We are constantly inspired by their sustainable ethos, from forest management to energy use measurement and reduction. All materials we source from them are 100% biodegradable and recyclable. We also ensure all of our suppliers are FSC-certified and heavy metal free and avoid using harmful chlorine in the bleaching process.

Check out this video from James Cropper, the UK’s only truly bespoke specialty paper manufacturer that produces the Colorplan range. The video showcases the Burneside Mill in Kendal, near the English Lake district.

GMUND in Southern Germany 

We are proud to partner with GMUND for our paper materials. With over 180 years of industry experience, their authentic, progressive and sustainable values align with ours. They strive for paper production at the highest quality level and even won the Sustainability Award in 2015. Click this link to check it out!

They utilise modern, high-tech guidance devices, the most innovative sensor elements, touchscreens, driving motors and quality control systems. Find out more here! 

It is produced in the beautiful village of Gmund in the South of Germany, near Lake Tegernsee in the Bavarian Alps. Check out this short clip showcasing the beautiful scenery and the paper-making process in this fantastic Southern German village!


  • Our packaging manufacturers operate in Sydney, Perth, Australia, and Shanghai, Zhejiang, Jiangsu, Fujian and Guangdong in China.
  • For more insights into our manufacturers, including footage of our factories, international standards and our corporate social responsibility- check out this page!


We source only the best industry-leading and innovative printing equipment to provide the most efficient results for your packaging, focusing on accuracy and precision. 

 Kama in Hiedelberg, Germany

Die cutting and embossing machines

BOBST, Switzerland

Printing and converting equipment and services for labels and flexible packaging.

HP indigo in Israel 

Our printing press machine