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At Myerton Packaging, we care about the environment; we offer the latest and most technologically advanced eco-friendly packaging. Our biodegradable packaging is also highly customisable so that you can choose different materials, sizes, shapes, finishes, and more!

Our eco-friendly solutions:

Not sure which eco-friendly solution is right for you and your products? Check out this sustainable hierarchy page to learn about how you can contribute to a circular economy and what would work best for your business!

The eco-friendly paper

We offer eco-friendly paper from a variety of sources worldwide, from recycled material, agricultural waste, paper derived from sugarcane waste and even paper made from cotton fibre. Create a sustainable ethos for your brand today by utilising our wide range of eco-paper products!

We use Crush agro-industrial waste paper, which reuses by-products from fruits, corn, olives, coffee and nuts to package your brand’s products and save them from landfill. The residue waste replaces up to 15% of virgin tree pulp, saving trees whilst reusing natural raw materials. The paper is also FSC-certified and GMO-free. It contains 40% post-consumer recycled waste and is produced with EKO energy, resulting in a 20% reduction in your carbon footprint! This paper type brings enormous environmental benefits and creates a unique image for your brand- allowing you to stand out from the rest with your vision for the environment. 

Our sugarcane waste paper is made from extracting biomass ethanol from sugar canes generating residual waste called ‚Äėbagasse‚Äô. Bagasse is a widely available and renewable resource that is ultimately more energy efficient to manufacture. By adopting sugarcane waste paper into your packaging, your brand will commit to reducing pollution and energy consumption.

Our cotton fibre paper provides the benefit of cotton being one of the most robust and durable fibres in the market. They are also widely known for their permanence and are less likely to discolour than paper made from wood pulp. Cotton fibre paper can also readily absorb ink or toner because it is acid-free, creating wonderful and vibrant colours for your packaging designs!

For more information on the differences between home compostable, industrial compostable, biodegradable etc.- click here!

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Our paper packaging products are suitable for all applications, including luxury packaging, biodegradable packaging, brochures, stationery tags, cards and labels. But what truly sets these paper apart is the extra dimension it offers to customers who want to stand out. This will allow YOU as an end-user to differentiate YOUR brand with a unique story.

For example, you can use paper made from grape residues to make your wine labels.

Cosmetic Packaging

Cosmetic boxes made from sugarcane bagasse paper

Chocolate Wrapping

Paper made using process residues from the almonds and hazelnuts

Olive Gift Box

Present olive oil in a box made using up to 15% of olive residues


From nature to nature, made with orange waste residues

Biodegradable / Compostable Labels

Did you know that generic stickers and labels used by people day to day are NOT recyclable? To solve that, we started producing biodegradable and compostable labels, which use biodegradable and compostable adhesive in combination with a whole range of paper, and biodegradable film face stocks! Help YOUR business meet the growing consumer demand for responsible packaging by providing fully compostable packaging that is both stylish and eco-friendly! Contact us today to find out how

  • “OK Compost” certified adhesive, which is recognised as both¬†biodegradable¬†and¬†compostable
  • Bio-based PE Film, mostly made from sugarcane¬†ethanol and is available in white and clear
  • Marble Base facestock, made from calcium carbonate derived from marble mining waste (80%) and together with up to 20% recycled high-density polyethylene
  • 100% Recycled Paper
  • 100% Cotton Label Paper
  • 90% Sugarcane fibre paper
  • Paper made with recycled agro-industrial waste


  • Make your products’ packaging both biodegradable and compostable!
  • Direct labelling for dry foods, including fruit and vegetables
  • Beverages, especially on biodegradable bottles (e.g. PLA)
  • Healthcare and bio-cosmetics (e.g. on biodegradable packaging)

Healthcare and Bio-cosmetics

Biodegradable adhesive and film face stock labels

Wine Labels

Wine labels created from wine (grapes) waste and recycled

PLA Bottle Labels

Biodegradable PLA bottles with biodegradable labels

Organic Food Labels

Organic food packaging and labels for dry foods such as fruits and vegetables

Moulded Fibre Boxes and Inserts

Imagine a future without single-use plastics. Imagine all your packaging made from plant fibres. We provide a great range of biodegradable and/or compostable fibre boxes and inserts made from recycled materials such as newspapers, corrugated boxes and sugarcane bagasse.

Our moulded fibre boxes and inserts are different to the standard foam or plastic ones, which are hard to recycle and cannot easily biodegrade. Foam packaging products instead are diverted to landfill, where most will still be there approximately 500 years from now, according to the US Environmental Protection Agency. Recycled paper fibre boxes and inserts also significantly reduce the land required for virgin fibre production and decrease the quantities of virgin fibre going to landfill. Increased waste results in the loss of natural fibre for products and increases methane emissions.

We offer custom moulded fibre boxes and inserts to meet your requirements on sizes, colours, and shapes. Check out our colour chart below. We also deliver Australia-wide and internationally with free shipping to the Metropolitan areas of Perth, Adelaide, Melbourne, Sydney and Brisbane!

Moulded Fibre Colour Chart
  • Sustainability:
    • 100% biodegradable and/or compostable.
  • Benefits:
    • These boxes and inserts are sturdy, providing effective protection for your products¬†
    • Save shipping, storage space and costs as our fibre inserts and boxes are stackable
    • With the addition of coatings or non-paper layers, it can be grease/moisture proof or resistant!
    • Our compostable Fibre-based packaging is compatible with food waste in recovery processes. There is also a low risk of chemicals migrating from the packaging into food contents, reducing contamination risks
    • Paper packaging is more versatile and also relatively inexpensive
    • Fibre-based packaging is in strong demand¬†
    • We can even provide custom shapes, colours and sizes according to your needs!
    • All of our compostable/biodegradable packaging biodegrades within 90 days!
  • Application:
    • Moulded fibre packaging solutions have greater flexibility and broader applications than paper die-cut inserts. They can be utilised for various industries such as cosmetics, confectionery, chocolate, wine and spirits, electronics etc.!
    • Cosmetics packaging- great for storing perfume bottles, lotions, skincare packaging and makeup
    • Electronics packaging- perfect for mobile phones, headphones, mobile phones, phone accessories, phone cases¬†
    • Wine and spirits packaging- wine holders, wine bottles, spirit bottles, flasks etc
    • Packaging for pharmaceuticals¬†
    • Packaging for chocolates and confectionery
    • Packaging for jewellery and watches!
  • MOQ
  • Indicative Cost:
    • Sample production mould : $1000-1500 (ex GST)
    • Bulk production mould: $4000-5000 (ex GST)
    • Unit price: $1-3 (ex GST)

Moulded Fibre Inserts

Sustainable packaging: moulded fibre inserts customisable in colours and sizes

Moulded Fibre Packaging

Moulded Fibre boxes made for desserts and cakes

Moulded Fibre Insert

Rigid gift box with moulded fibre insert made for spirits gift packaging

At Myerton Packaging, we love helping business owners create a more sustainable future by supplying them with a wide range of options for eco-friendly packaging.

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