Who We Are

Myerton Packaging specialises in providing packaging solutions across diverse sectors with sustainability and custom at its core. Unlike traditional wholesalers or suppliers, we define ourselves as a dedicated packaging solutions provider. Established in 2011, we have developed into a trusted partner for diverse clients from various industries, both within Australia and on a global scale. Backed by seasoned experience, we understand your needs better and devise the best, meticulously tailored solution to cater to your packaging aspirations. 

Our unwavering dedication to sustainability underscores our commitment to providing packaging solutions that echo eco-friendliness. We are committed to delivering innovative packages from eco-friendly materials and fostering a culture of reuse, recycling, and repurposing. Our devotion to sustainability has gained endorsements through affiliations with prestigious organisations like the Australian Covenant Packaging Organisation (APCO), Australian Organic Limited (AOL), and The National Association for Sustainable Agriculture Australia (NASAA). 

At Myerton Packaging, we deeply comprehend the pivotal role that packaging plays in shaping customers’ purchasing decisions. This awareness fuels our determination to help clients exceed their sales goals through elevated custom printing, thereby enhancing brand awareness. Our packaging solutions have paved the way for countless success stories of clients, whether in securing first overseas orders or achieving remarkable sales amplification.

With an optimised supply chain and robust industry acumen, we promise to seamlessly transform your product visions into tangible realities, ensuring efficiency and seamless delivery.

Reach out to us today and entrust Myerton Packaging to craft packaging solutions that redefine brand awareness and invigorate sales strategies. Your success story awaits.


Why Choose Myerton Packaging

Sustainability: At Myerton Packaging, sustainability is our core principle. We aim to achieve both exceptional product quality and environmental sustainability without compromise. We closely follow the sustainable packaging principles of APCO and consistently go further to actively explore alternatives that are made from recycled contents such as sugarcane bagasse, cotton, bamboo and more to replace conventional materials. Our products are designed to meet the highest standards of quality while minimising clients’ environmental footprint. Through continuous innovation, we have developed an extensive eco-packaging range including moulded fibre inserts, gift boxes, Crush agro-waste paper packaging, kerbside recyclable packaging, NatureFlex home compostable packaging, etc. Discover more about our eco-friendly solutions here.

Customisation: As your trusted solution provider, we grasp the unique essence of your products and come up with tailored solutions to make them stand out on the shelf. Our customised solution is demonstrated through personalised initial briefings, innovative solutions, personalised perfection, customised delight, enhanced brand, and optimised workflow. Extensive research underscores that packaging representing your brand effectively significantly influences customers’ purchasing choices. This is where tailored solutions step in. Whether it’s color, material, structure, or printing, we offer customised solutions perfectly attuned to your products, enhancing your sales and securing market share. We have a profound understanding of the packaging needs of different industries and have crafted specialised industry solutions. These include Bakery & Patisserie Solutions, Hamper Box Solutions, Chocolatier Solutions, Wine & Beverage Solutions, and more.

Craftsmanship: With over a decade of experience, Myerton Packaging has carved a niche for itself as a dedicated provider of premium-quality packaging. Distinguished by our mastery of color management, printing and embellishment,  we adhere to world-class standards, ensuring impeccable precision and accuracy in color management, device alignment, and standardisation. Our manufacturers employ X-rite Spectrophotometers to guarantee consistent and precise color measurement and control.  Our expertise also extends to the artistry of gold stamping, infusing a luxurious touch into your products. Sometimes, the fine lines and dots can be less than 0.2mm. Aligning with global industry-leading specifications, we make every effort to ensure visual uniformity across all printing processes.

Global Reach, Local Excellence: At Myerton Packaging, our commitment to serving you has no borders. As an Australian company with a global presence, we work closely with clients from concept to creation in Australia while sourcing materials from around the globe. With an optimised supply chain, we stand poised to fulfil your packaging needs not only across Australia but also across the world. Numerous client’s success stories have said a lot about how we assist them in their venturing into overseas markets through stunning packaging.  Whether you’re right here in Australia or operating on an international scale, you can count on us to provide the same level of exceptional service and quality. Leverage our local expertise and global presence as a strategic advantage to effortlessly expand your business reach and explore new opportunities.


How Myerton Packaging Crafts Solutions to Elevate Brands

With 10+ years of expertise in the packaging industry, Myerton Packaging has honed its craft in creating tailored packaging solutions that not only narrate the brand’s story but also align with the unique requirements of the products. We take immense pride in collaborating with clients across various industries and witnessing their remarkable success stories. Here are a few cases illustrating how we’ve supported them on their business and sustainable journeys.

Love Love

We’ve skillfully crafted the “Nutty Box” using post-agriculture tree waste from almonds and hazelnuts for our client. This innovative packaging not only complements our client’s delectable chocolate products but also serves as a powerful storytelling tool, enhancing the brand’s image and commitment to sustainability.

Great Southern Truffles

Our exquisite packaging doesn’t just make products stand out from the shelves; it’s the winning edge that helps clients secure orders from prestigious retailers like David Jones. Our client not only excels domestically but also exports their beautifully packaged products to the UK and US.

Great Southern Groves

Our distinguished printed packaging adds a touch of luxury to the product, and it’s the secret behind our clients securing orders from the discerning market in Dubai. It’s a testament to the quality and sophistication our packaging brings to their products.

Coastal Crunch

The first brand in WA to adopt Roll ‘n’ Recycle kerbside recyclable pouches for its products. The packaging echoes perfectly with its concept to make customers feel good knowing that they are eating food that is designed with care, taste, nutrition and the environment in mind.

Get Chunky

Assist client in elevating their packaging from plain and mundane to branded and remarkable. Our stunning branded packages not only enhance folding efficiency by a remarkable 100% but also help attract lots of attention from social media as captivated customers can’t resist sharing photos of our beautifully packaged products on their Instagram.

The Honey Cake

We meticulously craft packaging products tailored to meet our client’s specific requirements, allowing them to effectively reach diverse customer segments. Our versatile solutions enable clients to successfully market their products to both retailers and wholesalers, catering to a wide range of customer needs.

Organic Road

Our packaging products seamlessly align with the organic concept of our client, enabling it to become a valued member of Go Vita, the largest cooperative network of health food retailers in Australia.

Cleopatra’s Bling

Our exquisitely crafted drawer box has replaced plastic and foam packaging, significantly elevating our client’s brand image. Utilising the foil stamping technique, we vividly present the client’s brand story while adding a luxurious touch to their jewellery products.

Nutra Organics

We designed the Roll ‘n’ Recycle kerbside recyclable pouch to replace the single-use plastic packaging of the client, aligning with their mission to care for the well-being of people and the planet. This meticulously crafted packaging narrates the client’s sustainable journey as one of Australia’s most beloved health food brands.

Sue Lewis

Upon understanding our client’s commitment to crafting exquisite, sustainable, and ethically sourced chocolates, we embarked on a creative journey. We designed chocolate boxes infused with 15% coffee residue, a concept that seamlessly resonates with our client’s sustainability ethos.  This ingenious fusion of product and packaging serves perfectly to show our dedication to narrating a marvellous brand story for clients.

The Sandalwood Shop

Our commitment to delivering the finest sustainable packaging solutions shines through in our ingenious use of Crush agro-waste papers. Collaborating with Australia’s largest retailer of sandalwood-inspired beauty, health, and lifestyle products, we crafted boxes hewn from kiwi waste, cherry, and coffee residues. This harmonious integration of materials perfectly aligns with our client’s brand concept and embodies both creativity and sustainability.

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