Who We Are

Myerton Packaging Pty Ltd is an Australian based packaging company established in 2011, a time when the packaging industry offered limited custom print designs and sizes to businesses. It became our mission to deliver a variety of high quality, personalised and innovative packaging to the Australian market.

Myerton Packaging provides one-stop, customisable packaging solutions for small and medium enterprises (SME) across a range of industries at a medium to upmarket level. We deliver valuable and practical packaging for your brands because at Myerton Packaging we understand that innovative packaging can form an intrinsic part of your product sales. A good packaging supplier, therefore should customise their products to fit your needs and support you to realistically reach your targets.

We strive off businesses increasing their production efficiency, building strong brand awareness and increasing market shares, which is why we continue to be a passionate Australian company delivering results across the nation and globe. We look forward to personalising your packaging experience with the most innovative materials and unique designs to maximise your brand image. Get in contact with us today and let us do all the work for you!

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Our Strengths

Excellent customer service, consistent supply, innovative designs and environmentally conscious materials are just a few of our strengths that make us proud at Myerton Packaging to customise your experience.

Reliable solution provider: By choosing Myerton Packaging as your packaging supplier, we devote ourselves to all of the logistics and packaging solutions for your business. We think in the best interests of our clients to come up with the best and most tailored solution for you. We save time, hassle and reduce risk for your business. We support your business vigorously through a personalised initial briefing, solutions, sampling, manufacturing and the shipping of your packaging directly to you. Even during the covid pandemic in 2020, we still maintained a 98.8% on-time delivery rate.

Colour control, colour management and printing: We have world standard, excellent precision and accuracy in colour management, device alignment and standardisation.  Our manufacturers use X-rite Spectrophotometers at the beginning of the printing process to ensure consistent and accurate colour measurement and control. Some partnered manufacturers are even G7 master qualified facilities, meaning they follow the global industry leading set of specifications to achieve visual similarity across all printing processes. We also conduct internal quality checks of all our packaging products as well as third party external quality checks if required!

Experience: We have team members with over ten years experience in the packaging field. They have rich experience servicing world class brands. From working closely with you and your branding agency, to identifying  potential needs, possible problems and proposing solutions, at Myerton Packaging we ensure our clients achieve their desired results. We offer real samples instead of just digital proof before bulk production to deliver maximum satisfaction. 

Environmentally Friendly: Safe, high quality materials that are eco friendly are a priority at Myerton Packaging. All materials used in our products must pass standards to test for harmful chemicals such as SGS, REACH, RoHS etc. We pride ourselves on our series of products such as cellulose film based packaging, eco friendly paper and fibre based packaging,  and home compostable flexible packaging based on cellulose. Read more about our environmentally friendly policies here.

Global Presence: Myerton Packaging can customise your packaging needs across Australia and the world. Our sophisticated shipping network allows us to store and distribute our packaging products to you directly all over the world. We also constantly source sustainable raw materials from all over the world and bring them to Australia.

  • Custom Packaging Perth, Western Australia
  • Custom Packaging Brisbane, Queensland
  • Custom Packaging Sydney, New South Wales
  • Custom Packaging Melbourne, Victoria
  • Custom Packaging Adelaide, South Australia
  • Custom Packaging Hobart, Tasmania
  • Custom Packaging Darwin, Northern Territory
  • Custom Packaging Canberra, Australian Capital Territory