Industry Solutions

Each of our clients are unique to us, that’s why we create custom and industry-focused solutions to suit your individual needs. 

With expertise in chocolate packaging, bakery packaging, dessert packaging, flower packaging, luxury gift packaging, and wine and beverage packaging, we are proud to be able to support your business and turn your packaging designs into reality. 

Over the past few years, we have seen an increase in demand for sustainable packaging, and have started to introduce them to the market. Our sustainable range covers paper bags made from materials containing recycled fibres, paper boxes made from agro-industrial waste or sugarcane bagasse, plastic free packaging made from moulded fibres and home compostable pouches made from NatureFlex™ films.  

As a customer, by choosing sustainable packaging, you are reducing your carbon footprint, supporting the transition to the circular economy and helping to achieve a better future for all.