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Taking your brand to next level and supporting your business growth

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Providing recyclable, biodegradable, compostable and recycled content packaging that puts the planet first

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Creating custom labels and stickers in any shape, size and colour that deliver functionality, shelf appeal and sustainability.

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What We Offer

Custom Packaging and Product Packaging in Australia

Packaging Products and Services

We provide standard-size packaging, including paper bagspouches and paper boxes, allowing you to add your branding and logo. We also produce custom packaging, including food packagingpaper bagspaper boxespoucheslabelsribbons, etc., to meet specific requirements from businesses across Australia, including Adelaide, Brisbane, Melbourne, Perth and Sydney, as well as the globe.

Customer satisfaction is essential to us; that’s why we are committed to providing personalised services such as packaging consultations, new packaging development, packaging customisation, packaging prototyping, and unique materials sourcing to enhance your packaging experience. We have an established global network, so we can quickly source materials and create prototypes for you to approve designs efficiently before mass production, enabling us to deliver guaranteed quality consistently.

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Custom and Sustainable Packaging

We are a custom packaging supplier, specialising in providing custom solutions to meet sophisticated needs across various industries, such as bakery and cake packagingflower packagingchocolate packaging, and gift packaging. To do so, we take a hands-on approach to understanding the market and end consumers. Then, we recommend materials and structures to create unique packaging that represents your brand.

As a packaging supplier with a sustainable ethos, we have a variety of sustainable packaging options available for you. Our plastic-free packaging, paper-based packaging, compostable pouches, and recyclable pouches are the most popular among brands switching to sustainable packaging. In addition to packaging materials, we ensure that our manufacturing sites are environmentally friendly by reducing carbon emissions, energy consumption and water usage during production.

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Innovative and customisable packaging for YOUR business

At Myerton Packaging, no order is too small, and no dream is too big. By leaving the job to us, we save you valuable time to focus on other aspects of your business, allowing you to develop new product lines to increase your sales and enhance your brand identity.

We supply custom packaging Australia-wide and globally. This includes Perth custom packaging, Sydney custom packaging, Melbourne custom packaging, Adelaide custom packaging, Brisbane custom packaging and more!

Myerton Packaging is a one-stop packaging solutions provider. We service small and medium enterprises in Australia and across the world by providing them with high-quality packaging products and innovative solutions.

We can’t wait to become your business partner and take care of all your packaging needs. Get ready to develop your own business through personalised packaging consultations or standard packaging options.

Being based in both Perth and China, we have a strong global presence and relationship with world-class manufacturers. Contact us today!

  • You can find the products and services to fit your needs through our unique and highly customisable, one stop business model.
  • We are industry experienced, having faced many challenges and complex orders for more than 8 years, we have become specialised in meeting customer satisfaction.
  • We are a local West Australian business based in Perth and are actively committed to building a strong relationship built upon trust between local clients and manufacturers.
  • We deliver high-quality products that guarantee your business value.
  • We are innovative and constantly continue to customise various packaging solutions to achieve our clients’ business goals.

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