October 21, 2023

Custom Packaging with Innovative Material: From Food Waste to SustainablePackaging

When exploring the world of sustainable yet luxurious custom rigid box packaging, a material named Crush finds its way into the spotlight. Derived from agro-waste, it doesn’t just contain, but it narrates the story of a brand’s commitment to environmental consciousness and quality. It’s where innovative materials meet luxury branding, crafting a narrative from food waste to luxury packaging.

What is Crush?

Starting on a journey from being mere organic residues to becoming a lush packaging material, Crush is a beacon of sustainable luxury. Originating from by-products of citrus, coffee, kiwi, and more, it effectively utilises up to 15% of agro-industrial waste, mingling it with post-consumer recycled fibre and responsible cellulose. 

How is Crush Made?

Crush, in its essence, represents sustainability and luxury. It replaces up to 15% of virgin tree pulp with process residues from various organic products, consequently achieving a notable reduction in tree consumption. 

It’s a blend of 40% post-consumer recycled waste, further amplified with cellulose from well-managed forests. Coupled with a production process reliant on 100% green energy, Crush emerges not just as a sustainable choice but as a testament to eco-conscious manufacturing.

Custom Packaging Made with Crush

Identifying How Crush’s Premium Look Aligns with Your Branding

Ensure that the premium feel of Crush aligns with your product line and luxury branding. Recognise its unique, raw texture and natural, muted colours as not merely packaging but a tangible extension of your brand’s commitment to quality and sustainability. 

Selecting Colour for Your Brand

Once you have identified how Crush aligns with your branding, it’s time to choose the colour that matches your vision. Think about using a grape crush rigid box for your wine products or a coffee crush box for your coffee products. Then, create a narrative that will attract and inspire your target market. Find out Crush colour charts.

Applications of Crush

Crush has several packaging applications, finding itself shaping custom cardboard boxes, rigid boxes, and paper bags, among others. It opens a plethora of possibilities, catering to diverse packaging needs while imprinting a sustainable mark with every product it wraps.

Crush in Action: Sue Lewis and The Sandalwood Shop 

In the realm of practical application, the collaboration between Myerton Packaging and Sue Lewis Chocolatier unveils a narrative where luxury and sustainability are intimately entwined. 

Here, a chocolate box is not merely a container but a custom-printed box crafted with 15% coffee residue Crush paper. It stands as a tangible expression of sustainability, luxury, and conscious consumerism. Likewise, the Sandalwood Shop, with its Kiwi Crush rigid boxes, showcases Crush’s versatility across varied sectors, silently weaving tales of sustainability, one box at a time.

Through these vibrant applications and its ethical production, Crush not only offers material for custom packaging boxes; it curates a narrative of informed choices, sustainability, and a luxury, delicately enveloping every product it encases.

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