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Cardboard Boxes

We provide Custom Made Cardboard Boxes (also known as flat pack boxes) to meet your unique design requirements.

The perfect solution for your packaging, promotional and gift box needs– these tailor-made boxes are also excellently suited for industries such as retail. They can be easily flattened to save you lots of space as well as storage and transport costs.

Make your cardboard box eco friendly– We can customise your box using ultra eco or sustainable paper which we source worldwide, reducing and replacing virgin tree pulp with annual growth fibres such as sugarcane bagasse, agricultural waste, cotton fibre and recycled fibre.

We also offer free shipping directly to your door if your business is located in an Australia metro area. We service Australia wide, in Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, Adelaide as well as globally! Learn more about our global network here

Minimum order quantity: 5000pcs

We provide various customisable cardboard boxes, please refer to our portfolio for more examples.

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