August 31, 2023

NatureFlex™: A Sustainable Packaging Solution Spotlighted by Barsch at Fruit Logistica

Source: Futamura

Barsch, the German flowpack machine manufacturer, turned heads at the Fruit Logistica, the world’s largest fresh produce trade show in Berlin from February 8-10. Among its showcased solutions was NatureFlex bags, the flagship packaging innovation from Futamura Ltd.

As the pressure to reduce plastic packaging intensifies, consumers and manufacturers alike are seeking more sustainable alternatives. NatureFlex™, sourced from responsibly managed plantations and certified by PEFC, stands out as a renewable packaging option for various fresh produce items like tomatoes, peppers, and potatoes.

Nadine Barsch, Managing Director of Barsch, expressed, “NatureFlex™ provides an excellent alternative for customers aiming to eliminate plastic while maintaining the convenience of packaging processes. Using NatureFlex™ requires no adjustments and can be processed at speeds of around 20 m/min.”

Futamura’s Regional Sales Manager, Joachim Janz, noted, “We are excited to see Barsch showcasing our NatureFlex™ films at Fruit Logistica. The demand for alternative materials, driven by consumers, poses challenges for machine producers and packers. Nevertheless, Barsch’s transition to our renewable and compostable films has been seamless.”

The demand for environmentally responsible packaging, like NatureFlex™, is steadily growing. Brand owners are adopting Futamura’s film range extensively, given their origin from renewable cellulose and compliance with global industrial composting standards, including BS EN13432, along with alignment with the French AGEC law.

Utilizing renewable and compostable films empowers brand owners to proudly highlight their packaging’s eco-friendliness. The challenge then is to effectively communicate the unique attributes of these materials to consumers.

Barsch is renowned for its dependable machines and top-tier technical support. The family-owned company excels not only in the fresh produce sector with NatureFlex™ films but also in other industries such as confectionery, medical technology, and technical products.

Futamura’s NatureFlex™ films have a global presence, used in more than 100 countries. They’ve seamlessly integrated into traditional packaging, custom packaging, labelling, or overwrap solutions for world-renowned brands spanning various consumer goods, from fresh produce to tea, coffee, sweets, cereal bars, and personal care items.

NatureFlex™ home compostable pouches serve a dual purpose: not only do they keep your food fresh and secure, but they also provide a sustainable packaging solution. These pouches naturally decompose, significantly reducing the amount of plastic waste that enters our precious ecosystems. They can also be customised to fit the specific needs of your products. Myerton Packaging is committed to introducing clients to the benefits of NatureFlex™ home compostable pouches and has been delighted to witness their successful adoption among our clients.

Key Points:

  • NatureFlex™ Films Production Plants: England, USA
  • Raw Material: Regenerated Cellulose
  • Certifications: Sustainable Supply (PEFC); Industrial & Home Compostable (DIN Certco, TÜV)
  • Special Feature: Transparent Alternative to Conventional Plastics
  • Target Area: Meeting Consumer and Legal Requirements in Fresh Produce Packaging
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