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NatureFlex™ Home Compostable Pouches

Our home compostable pouches are good for the environment as well as your products. Made from NatureFlex, they can simply return to earth after use to become worm food and enhance soil quality. NatureFlex is made from natural and renewable materials such as wood pulp. NatureFlex is certified both as biodegradable and compostable, making it one of the most eco-friendly products.

All materials of our compostable pouches have been certified as home compost by a number of testing organizations. The compostable layer inside the pouch brings optimal protection against aroma loss of your goods and prevents UV damage. The outside layer of the packaging is FSC certified paper and so it comes from responsibly managed forests.

What is NatureFlex?

NatureFlex is a brand synonymous with sustainability. It’s a line of compostable and biodegradable packaging solutions, including bags and pouches, crafted from renewable resources. Does it feel like science fiction? Well, it’s not; it’s technology working in harmony with nature.

The Benefits of Using NatureFlex Bags

So why should you, as a conscious consumer, choose NatureFlex? The answer lies in its numerous benefits. Not only do these bags keep your food fresh and safe, but they also offer an environmentally friendly disposal solution. They decompose naturally, meaning less plastic waste finds its way into our precious ecosystems.

NatureFlex™ is:

  • Static-free
  • Heat sealable
  • Permeable against moisture
  • Available in a clear or metalised film
  • Formulated for enhanced print and conversion receptivity
  • Resistant to oils and grease


Our compostable pouches and bags completely custom made in terms of sizes, colours, shapes and artwork- add your own logo or product details to create iconic brand awareness and stand out from the crowd. They are the perfect packaging solution for

  • coffee
  • tea
  • confectionary
  • natural and organic products
  • candy
  • dried snacks
  • bakery goods
  • fresh produce
  • frozen foods
  • household products
  • personal care items

Applications also include twist-wraps, VFFS, overwraps, flow-wraps and lamination for moisture sensitive products.

Enhance your brand’s image and sustainable ethos today by enquiring about our NatureFlex home compostable pouches and bags!

NatureFlex FAQs

Are NatureFlex bags safe for food storage?

Absolutely! NatureFlex bags are safe and ideal for storing a wide range of food products.

Can I compost NatureFlex bags at home?

Yes, you can. NatureFlex bags are suitable for both home and industrial composting.

Where can I buy NatureFlex bags in Australia?

If you are looking for NatureFlex bags in Australia, simply make an enquiry today at Myerton Packaging.

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