December 17, 2023

Grow sales through strategic investment in custom packaging

In a world where first impressions matter, investing in custom packaging can be a game-changer for businesses. While custom packaging may come with a slightly higher price compared to standard options, the benefits it brings in terms of increased sales and brand recognition make it a worthwhile investment. In this blog article, we will provide a comparison of the price differences between custom options and standard packaging. By understanding the cost implications and weighing them against the benefits, businesses can make informed decisions on how to strategically invest in packaging to boost sales.


Compare prices of custom packaging and standard packaging

let’s briefly compare different types of packaging options, including rigid boxes and pouches, exploring their difference in terms of cost.

Standard rigid boxes, with their restrictions in size and customisation possibilities, may offer economic benefits. For example, a standard rigid custom box at the size of 280 mmL * 280 mmW in black paper typically costs around $5.8 per unit. Custom rigid boxes, with a quantity of 1,000, present a slightly higher unit price of approximately $6. Nevertheless, the perks of customisation, including tailored sizing for your products and efficient space use during transportation, can outweigh the marginal cost increase. Don’t forget, that the more you order, the more economically viable the custom rigid boxes become. As to recyclable pouches, the standard recyclable pouches may come at a rate of $0.1 per unit lower than custom pouches. While Standard recyclable pouches, while marginally more cost-effective, may lack the personalized features that come with custom options. Custom pouches allow for tailoring not only in size but also in material choices, ensuring a sustainable yet bespoke packaging solution.


The worthwhile investment

Why invest in custom packaging? How does it increase sales? Investing in custom packaging is more than just a visual upgrade—it’s a strategic move that directly impacts sales. Consumer behaviour is heavily influenced by perception, and custom packaging has the power to elevate the perceived value of products, making them appear more luxurious and high-end. Customers are often willing to pay more for products that come in attractive and well-designed packaging.

Moreover, custom packaging enables businesses to establish and maintain a consistent brand image, fostering brand recognition and loyalty, thus increasing sales. Consider iconic brands like Tiffany & Co. Their packaging is arguably more recognizable than the jewellery itself.

One compelling example of the impact of custom packaging is the case study of French supermarket chain IntermarchĂ© invested in redesigning its orange juice packaging. Faced with the challenge of standing out in the fiercely competitive European orange juice market, IntermarchĂ© developed an innovative packaging strategy that revolved around the freshness of their orange juice products. They introduced a “Freshly Squeezed” orange juice product and emphasised its freshness by prominently displaying the juice’s squeezing time directly on the bottle label. The result? A staggering 4600% increase in sales across every supermarket carrying the product within a mere three days of launch. This surge was attributed to creative packaging. IntermarchĂ© strategically aligned their packaging with consumers’ heightened focus on the freshness of goods, proving that innovative and customized packaging can be a game-changer in driving sales and market differentiation.

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How to Invest in Custom Packaging

Investing in custom packaging doesn’t have to break the bank. There are strategic ways to approach this, considering your budget and business needs. For a detailed guide on how to make a budget for custom packaging, check out our article on [link to the guide to budget article].

In the fast-paced world of retail, custom packaging emerges as a strategic investment for businesses looking to boost sales and establish a strong brand presence. While the initial cost may be slightly higher, the long-term benefits in terms of increased sales, elevated brand perception, and consistent brand image make it a worthwhile and profitable choice.

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