Kerbside Recyclable Pouches


  • To be conveniently disposed in your recycling bin at home
  • Monopolymer containing 95% recyclable PE/PP
  • High oxygen and moisture barriers
  • Custom size and print 

Our kerbside recyclable pouches can be simply disposed in your recycling bin at home, offering you a truly sustainable product lifecycle! They carry the innovative Roll ‘n’ Recycle® Mark and made from fully recyclable PE/PP. What is Roll ‘n’ Recycle® ? It allows approved semi-rigid plastic packaging rolled into a 3-dimensional cylinder shape to be placed in your household recycle bin, while plastic recyclable packaging that does not include the Mark can continue to be recycled only at REDcycle drop-off bins at the front of the major retail stores. With high oxygen and moisture barriers to protect the contents of your pouches, they are the perfect alternative to plastic pouches that use nylon, foil or metalled PET layers. Watch the below video to learn more about how it work.


As a custom packaging supplier, we offer custom solutions to ensure that your branding won’t be compromised while looking for eco friendly packaging solutions, From stand up pouches, flat bottom pouches to spout pouches, we can highly customise them all to meet your requirements.

Our kerbside recyclable pouches are suitable for coffee packaging, food packaging, cereal packaging, nuts packaging and dried fruit packaging. They are the truly sustainable solutions for you. In addition, we also offer REDcycle recyclable pouches, home compostable pouches, industrial compostable pouches and clear compostable pouches to meet your sustainability needs.

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Benefits of Kerbside Recyclable Pouches

  • Bring an easy way of recycling to your customers : Our kerbside recyclable pouches are made with monopolymer containing over 95% PE/PP, eliminating aluminum or plastics layers. They can be recycled and turned into other items, diverting waste from landfills. Approved by Roll ‘n’ Recycle® program, they can be simply disposed at recycling bin from home and sorted correctly at a recycling facility, improving plastics recovery rate. 
  • Reduce your carbon footprints and transportation costs : Weighted around 10% less per pouch than conventional pouches, our kerbside recyclable pouches generate less carbon emissions in production and transportation and bring down transportation costs as well.
  • Protect your products with high performance and present your branding with superior printing capabilities : Made with recyclable materials, our kerbside recyclable pouches provide great oxygen and moisture barriers, preserving freshness of your products. Meanwhile, they have superior printing capabilities and present your branding with rich colours and clear images. Our recyclable pouches are also heat sealable. 


Specifications of Kerbside Recyclable Pouches

  • Sizes: Customisable
  • Materials: Monopolymer, 95% recyclable PE/PP (5% allowance for barriers/inks)
  • Finish: Matte/gloss varnish, paper touch finish, spot UV
  • Print: Full colour printing, metallic ink
  • Oxygen Barrier: Oxygen transmission rate ≦ 2.0 (cm³/m².24hrs)(similar as conventional pouches )
  • Moisture Barrier: Water transmission rate≦ 2.0 (g/m².24hrs)
  • Other Features: Recyclable zippers/valves
  • Quantities: 10,000 (Digital printing available for a lower MOQ)
  • Applications: Our kerbside recyclable pouches have a vast range of applications and are suitable for coffee packaging, tea packaging, organic food packaging, dry goods packaging, cereal packaging, nuts packaging, dried fruit packaging, and confectionary packaging and more.


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