October 21, 2023

Explore Stock and Custom Packaging in Australia

In the dynamic, fast-paced realm of retail and e-commerce, the packaging becomes the ambassador of a brand, speaking for its values, quality, and personality. 

Whether you’re diving into the custom packaging in Australia or weighing the practicalities of stock options, understanding the differences between these choices becomes important. 

Let’s discuss stock and custom packaging, exploring how the right choice can really lift your product presentation and customer experience.

What is Custom Packaging

Embarking on a business journey involves several decisions, and one crucial choice is selecting the most suitable packaging solutions. 

Custom packaging, a popular choice for many brands, is a tailored approach to wrapping and presenting products. In the vibrant Australian market, custom packaging goes beyond the basic function of wrapping items; it manifests as a blend of meticulously selected designs, sizes, and materials, uniquely catering to a brand’s identity and consumer experience. 

Moreover, it allows for unique brand storytelling and unboxing experiences through custom packaging boxes, particularly appreciated by customers who value uniqueness and personalisation.

Understand Stock Packaging

In contrast, stock packaging offers a direct, fuss-free solution, predominantly favouring functionality and immediate availability. 

The concept is quite straightforward: pre-made, readily available packaging that may not meet the requirement of brand uniqueness but certainly ticks the box for practicality and efficiency. For businesses that may be working within limited timeframes, or perhaps for products where a unique unboxing experience isn’t a big deal, stock packaging is a good option.

Stock vs. Custom Packaging: The Decision-Making Crossroad

Choosing between stock and custom packaging mainly depends on a few important business factors, such as timeline and the weight of brand experience in the consumer journey. 

For businesses that thrive on brand distinction and are eager to wow their customers, custom packaging, with its myriad options like custom printed boxes, may be the route to take. 

Alternatively, for businesses prioritising speed and practicality, stock packaging may be a more suitable choice. 

Examples of Custom Packaging Options

  1. Custom Rigid Boxes: Synonymous with a robust, premium feel, these are often favoured for luxury items or products that require an added layer of protection.
  2. Custom Paper Boxes: Aiming towards sustainability, these provide an eco-conscious choice without sacrificing the potential for brand messaging and creativity.
  3. Custom Natureflex Pouches: These preserve the products’ freshness and showcase captivating designs while also being environmentally friendly and compostable.

Launching into the Custom Packaging Journey

Tapping into the realm of custom packaging doesn’t need to be a complicated affair. Starting your journey involves a few steps: finding out your product’s physical attributes, visualising the desired customer experience, and pinning down the type of packaging that resonates with your brand values. To unfold a detailed guide and commence your packaging journey, explore our custom order procedure here.

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