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Rigid Boxes with Magnetic Closing Lids

Our rigid boxes with magnetic closing lids are ideal for packaging hamper boxes and high-end gifts etc. They are all foldable, durable, and printable.

Our popular rigid boxes are not only practical but highly customisable in every way! We offer various styles to customise your packaging to suit your vision and business.

Product Name Turnaround Time
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Size (mm)


Minimum Order Quantity Indicative Unit Price
Small rigid box – magnetic 10-12 weeks  240*210*60 1,000 $4.6-$6.6 (ex GST)
Medium rigid box-magnetic 10-12 weeks 340*260*90 1,000 $5.9-$7.9 (ex GST)
Large rigid box-magnetic 10-12 weeks 420*330*110 1,000 $7.5-$10.1 (ex GST)


Rigid boxes 

Our rigid boxes are made from thick quality cardboard formed into their permanent shapes and then printed with your custom designs.

Our rigid boxes are used for high-end premium products where the customers’ perceived value and unboxing experience are important. Examples include chocolate boxes, premium gift boxes, hamper boxes, wine boxes, etc. They are also used when the product within is heavy and in need of extra support.

Our foldable rigid boxes can be closed from ordinary gravitational force, magnetic force and through ribbon binding. It assemble in just seconds, helping saving your storage whilst maintaining a luxury rigid look.  Our rigid boxes with magnetic closure are the most popular product.

We provide a great variety of customisable paper boxes, please refer to our portfolio for more examples.

You can find all our rigid box styles such as lid and bottom rigid boxes, drawer rigid boxes and ribbon bound rigid boxes here:

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For order above 500pcs, you can get FREE one colour logo printing on rigid boxes! Please Complete the form below, we will get back to you with your quote ASAP.

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