Industrial Compostable Pouches

Our industrial compostable pouches are made from PLA material originally derived from plant sugars such as corn starch, cassava, sugar beet or sugar cane. This material is compostable under industrial or commercial composting conditions within around 12 weeks,  and can subsequently be diverted from landfill into industrial composting facilities where it is biologically decomposed and disintegrated back into organic matter. You can easily dispose our compostable packaging and other organic waste through implementing compost bins at your shop, cafe, restaurant or other business. Enquire with your local council to learn about how to compost industrially near you.

These compostable pouches can be custom made according to your desired size and design, making it the perfect packaging solution for brands pursuing sustainability whilst maintaining their strong brands personalities. We also have different styles of pouches to choose from including stand up pouches, side gusset pouches, flat bottom pouches and pouches with zips. For coffee products, we have coffee pouches with valves available to ensure the freshness of your coffee products. These industrial compostable pouches make the perfect packaging for coffee, tea, organic food, produce, confectionary and dry goods!

Contact us today to discuss how our industrial compostable pouches can make your products standing out on shelves.