Kerbside Recyclable Coffee Pouches

Our recyclable coffee pouches carrying the innovative Roll ‘n’ Recycle® Mark can be simply disposed in your recycling bin at home, offering you a truly sustainable product lifecycle! What is Roll ‘n’ Recycle® Mark? It allows approved semi-rigid plastic packaging rolled into a 3-dimensional cylinder shape to be placed in your household recycle bin, while plastic recyclable packaging that does not include the Mark can continue to be recycled only at REDcycle drop-off bins at the front of the major retail stores.

Our coffee pouches carrying the Roll ‘n’ Recycle® Mark contain over 95% Polyethylene (PE) or Polypropylene (PP). Even valves and zips on coffee pouches are made from recyclable PE. PE and PP are the materials commonly used for pouches, which when displaying the Mark are widely accepted by Councils’ recycling systems.

According to APCO’s Packaging Consumption & Recovery Report, soft flexible plastics make up 32.7% of all plastic packaging placed on the Australian market, however they have a low recovery rate of only 10.7% in 2018-19.  Roll ‘n’ Recycle® is an innovative scheme allowing you to recycle more plastic packaging from your household recycling bin, increasing recovery rate from home.

Our recyclable coffee pouches have high oxygen and moisture barriers to protect your coffee from humidity, UV light, and oxygen and preserve your coffee aroma. We offer different styles for you to choose from such as stand up pouches, side gusset pouches, etc.. As a custom packaging specialist, we offer custom size and printing to enhance your brand image and customer experience. Contact us today to explore coffee packaging for your brands.

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