Crash Lock Bottom Boxes

Crash bottom boxes (also called lock bottom boxes or folding cartons) with the self-locking bottom are a popular form of packaging for various products such as teas, creams, lotions, biscuits, candles, hair products, etc. 

Benefits of Crash Lock Bottom Boxes

The primary benefit of a crash lock bottom box is that it is easy to assemble and can be put together quickly. The boxes will be delivered to you in flat packs; you just need to pop them open for the bottom flaps to tuck into place automatically, and there is no assembly required.

They also provide secure protection to your products due to a robust and reliable base, which can prevent your products from slipping out.

Customisation of Crash Lock Bottom Boxes

At Myerton Packaging, we customise packaging to meet your requirements. Your crash lock bottom boxes can be made in different sizes with different prints to fit your products and attract customers.

We have various special facestocks, from papers made from food and papers containing cotton fibres to sugarcane bagasse; our sustainable paper stocks can make your boxes stand up in an eco style. Further, various embellishments can be applied to the box for a premium look, including foil stamping, embossing or debossing (a printing technique that creates an imprinted or raised surface), and UV printing (a technique that makes a specific area look glossy).

Contact us today to discuss your customisation options. For more product pictures, please visit our portfolio.