Clear NatureFlex™ Home Compostable Pouches

Our clear home compostable pouches are made from NatureFlex™ films, and they can break down and turn into nutrient-rich compost for growing more food, meaning they leave no unpleasant effects on the earth.

NatureFlex™ films are made from natural and renewable resources such as wood pulp from managed plantations, and are suitable for home composting and have been certified to ‘OK Compost Home’ by TÜV Austria. Therefore, they can be successfully composted in a home composting environment and typically break down in 10-12 weeks.


At Myerton Packaging, we know the challenges of brands facing when moving towards sustainable packaging and the necessary packaging requirements you need to succeed in the industry. Our home compostable pouches are great eco-friendly alternative to single-use plastic pouches, and they provide

  • Heat seal capabilities
  • Excellent oxygen and moisture barriers
  • Opaque packaging options to eliminate UV damage
  • Clarity for product visibility
  • Print friendly nature



The right packaging not only covers all of the specs necessary in preserving your products and prolonging their shelf-life, it speaks to your creativity, attracts consumers and boosts sales. We specialise in custom packaging, so all of our pouches can be completely custom, no matter the size, style, colour or specific requirements of your products. Let us create a custom packaging that truly works for you.

  • Sizes: Customisable
  • Materials: Certified compostable NatureFlex™
  • Printing: Full colour printing
  • Oxygen Barrier:  Oxygen transmission rate (OTR) ≦0 (cm³/m².24hrs) (Higher barrier than PLA, OTR of PLA pouches ≦1800)
  • Moisture Barrier: Water transmission rate (WTR) ≦10 (g/m².24hrs) (Higher barrier than PLA, WTR of PLA pouches ≦ 20)
  • Optional Features: Compostable valves, ziplock
  • Minimum Order Quantity: 10,000-20,000 pcs
  • Turnaround Time: 4-5 weeks (urgent), 10-14 weeks (standard)



Our home compostable packaging is suitable for brands switching to sustainable packaging, and can be widely used for coffee packaging, tea packaging, confectionery packaging, fresh produce packaging, bakery packaging, personal care packaging, organic product packaging, etc. Our clear home compostable pouches have thousands of applications that are not limited to the ones listed here. Contact us to get started on creating your custom eco friendly pouch.

We also have a variety of non-clear home compostable pouches available, explore here.