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  • BioPak clear bowls may look and perform like any other plastic bowls, but ours are made fromĀ Ingeoā„¢,Ā a plant based bioplastic. Producing these bowls results in 75% less greenhouse gases than the conventional plastic it replaces.
  • These cups are the ONLY clear bioplastic bowls certified commerically compostable to Australian AS 4736 standards. This is in addition to our Eurpoean EN 13432 standards.
  • Suitable for serving cold meals.
  • Bioplastics must be stored out of direct sun and below 35Ā°C. If stored correctly they have an indefinite shelf life.
  • Bioplastic does not have suitable oxygen barrier properties to store food for more than a few days
  • These bowls areĀ certified commercially compostable.
  • Custom printingĀ is our speciality. We offer free printing for orders above 50,000 units/size.
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