Innovative Solutions

Digital Printing

At Myerton Packaging, we value technological advancement and utilise the latest innovations to YOUR benefit. Switch to Digital Printing for your businesses’ packaging solutions and save time, effort and create more for less!

We use the HP Indigo 12000 Digital Press as well as the HP Indigo 6900 Digital Press allowing us to create for you the highest quality print designs with the greatest resolution and image smoothness.

Why switch to us?

  • The increased productivity of Digital Printing means you can sit back and focus your energies on other business aspects whilst we efficiently deliver your packaging directly to you.
  • No plate cost! Meaning that we can create for you larger product volumes at a much lower price due to less production processes.
  • Environmentally friendly! Digital Printing reduces ink wastage as ink is only used on parts to be printed and there is no cleaning of plates!
  • Superior print quality using our HP Indigo ElectroInk and digital offset process, creating vivid designs from its wide colour options.
  • Printing flexibility! Easily customise your packaging designs according to your businesses’ needs through more product variations and enhance your brand image on your terms.

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