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Wine and beverage packaging is not just about protecting your products, it is one of your marketing tools. You can take advantage of custom branded packaging to deliver your branding and improve your competitiveness just as advertisements and social media posts do for you.  Therefore, it is time to invest into the custom packaging for your wine and beverage products.

At Myerton Packaging, we understand the significance of efficiency to your business, and are able to develop a packaging solution works best for you and meets all your packaging needs, so your time will be saved. Whether it is gold foil stamped wine labels, rigid wine boxes, premium wine bags, paper wine cylinders, or labels, you will find the most suitable solution with us.

If you were looking for sustainable packaging, we can help too. With rich experience in working with brands with sustainable ethos, we are able to provide a variety of sustainable packaging solutions like moulded fibre wine bottle inserts replacing plastics inserts,  paper tags replacing plastic labels, and rigid boxes made from materials with recycled content or renewable materials.

Explore our wine and beverage packaging products as below. keen on learning more? Why don’t get in touch, we offer a free consultation to discuss the best packaging solutions with you.

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Packaging Products

Wine Box

Targeting at high-end market? Rigid wine box is the best choice to enhance your wine products presentation.

At Myerton, we offer custom packaging solutions to meet your exact requirements on sizes, colours, styles and shapes. No matter they are champagne bottles, red wine bottles, or gin bottles, our wine boxes can be made to perfectly fit your products. To save your shipping cost and storage, the wine boxes can even be made foldable. The foldable wine boxes assemble in just seconds and still remain the look and feel of luxury rigid boxes.

Looking for unique packaging? From agro-waste paper containing 15% organic residues to sugarcane bagasse paper, we have a variety of special paper stocks available to make your wine boxes stand out.

MS cellers corrugated wine box

Wine Corrugated Box

Say goodbye to the poorly designed wine boxes where you face the risk of having the bottles break. Our corrugated wine boxes provide a luxury packaging look while keeping the bottles safe.

Our corrugated wine boxes are fully customisable. You can get your logo or even more complicated design printed on them and make them truly unique. You can get the boxes in the shape and size that perfectly fit your wine bottles. You can also get the boxes to fit your bottles along with cans, gifts, snacks to complete your gift set. Just simply let us know what’s in your mind, and we can bring the idea into the reality.

We also offer wine boxes with dividers/inserts. Different from other shipping carton with dividers, our wine boxes with dividers/inserts offers a more stunning look whilst ensuring an all-round protection for your wine bottles. Our dividers/inserts can be made from papers and even moulded fibres like sugarcane bagasse, making your product eco-friendly whilst maintaining a elegant presentation and effective protection. It is prefect for gifting purposes.

Wine and Beverage Bag

Made from quality paper, our wine bags can hold up to 5kg products, and they are fully customisable from sizes to styles, and can be made to truly reflects the quality and character of your wines.

If you are looking for luxury wine bags, we can make them with gold foil stampings and ribbon handles. If you are looking for eco-friendly wine bags, we can make them with the eco-friendly paper such as recycled paper or cotton fibre and bagasse fibre which are annual growth plants. By using our custom wine bags, you are enhancing your customer delight and brand awareness.

wine paper bags
cylinder box for wine

Wine and Beverage Cylinder

How can you boost your product value and sales performance without upgrading your products? Branded packaging is the answer. Our wine/beverage cylinders are made of cardboard and are highly customisable. It allows personalised printings on its entire surface like logo, image, text, etc., making a enhanced presentation of your products to your customers.

Different from wholesalers, you don’t need to choose one size to fit all. Our paper cylinders are made to meet your exact specifications and suitable as wine packaging, beer packaging, spirit packaging and more.

Label and Tags

Our custom made wine and beverage labels are the perfect addition to embellish your wine or beverage brand!

For luxury wine brands, we are able to enrich your design through foil stamping, embossing and spot oil varnishing by using our state of the art printing technology, and produce quality labels with thick texture wine paper stock.

For natural juice/beverage brands, we are able to provide a sustainable solution eliminating single use plastics like paper tags. Different from traditional labels, paper tags don’t contain adhesives so that can be used for multiple times. Uncoated paper and soy based ink are also available to make it truly environmental friendly.

wine label gold foil stamping

We offer a wide range of packaging products for wine & beverage, and can add a delightful taste to your product and brand! If you have any special requests to customise your packaging, let us help you by enquiring with us today.

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