September 8, 2023

Foxhole Elevates its Brand by Revolutionising Quality Custom Spirit Packaging

In a world where sustainability is paramount, Fox Hole, a pioneering small bar in Sydney, dared to be different. They embarked on a journey to not only reduce their environmental footprint but also elevate their customers’ experience. Their mission? To create an ‘At Home Experience’ like no other, and that’s where Myerton Packaging stepped in.

The Challenge: A Shift to Sustainable Packaging

Foxhole had already made significant strides by eliminating plastic straws and opting for 100% post-consumer recycled paper cups with compostable lids. However, they realised their packaging could also reflect their commitment to sustainability.

Before approaching Myerton Packaging, Foxhole sourced their boxes from non-recycled wholesalers. That’s when Myerton Packaging entered the scene. We were deeply inspired by our clients’ resolute commitment to sustainability and their unwavering pursuit of excellence. Our mission became clear: to craft a packaging solution that not only harmonised with their eco-friendly values but also intricately wove their distinctive brand narrative into every facet of the packaging by leveraging our expertise in sustainable and custom packaging from scratch.


Crafting Eco-Friendly Packaging

Matte Finish Rigid Box

First Sample

Photograph: Taryn Sundae from Sundae Studio

Source: Myerton Packaging


The first sample was promising – a paper box made from lavender residue paper with corn residue inserts. However, it soon became evident that these materials didn’t provide the necessary support and protection for the products which include gin, tonic water and garnish. They also fell short of the impeccable presentation that both Foxhole and Myerton Packaging aspired to deliver.


Determined to find the perfect solution, Myerton Packaging introduced moulded tray inserts. These innovative inserts were crafted from natural fibers, specifically a blend of 60% sugarcane bagasse and 40% recycled sugarcane bagasse sourced from the manufacturing process.

Rigid Gift Box

foldable rigid box eco friendly box

Finished Packaging Product

Photograph: Taryn Sundae

Source:Myerton Packaging

The result? Impeccable protection for Foxhole’s products, along with cost-saving benefits. The stackable design of the trays eliminated the need for single-use plastic wrapping or bubble wrap during shipping and storage.

Custom Packaging Provides Aesthetic Excellence

Elevating the art of custom packaging, Myerton Packaging went the extra mile to ensure that every detail reflected the premium quality of our client’s products. In the world of gift packaging, presentation is key, and we recognised this from the start. To achieve an elegant touch, we employed black foiling to prominently showcase the product name on each box. But our commitment to excellence didn’t stop there. We meticulously selected a natural, smooth finish for the fiber inserts, precisely enhancing the overall aesthetics of the packaging. It’s these thoughtful nuances that distinguish us as experts in creating custom packaging solutions that go beyond the ordinary.

The box material, Materica, was carefully selected. It’s an uncoated paperboard material made from environmentally friendly FSC® fiber, recycled pulp, and cotton fiber, aligning perfectly with the sustainability ethos of both Myerton Packaging and Foxhole.

Our bespoke solutions go even further by suggesting that clients print their slogan on the back of the box’s lid, creating a lasting impression on their customers.

The Future of Gift Packaging

The Foxhole success story showcases Myerton Packaging’s expertise in custom packaging solutions that cater to specific product needs while prioritising sustainability and aesthetics. This solution also fits perfectly for the spirits packaging.

Are you ready to take your brand’s packaging to the next level? Myerton Packaging is here to help. Contact us today, and we are more than happy to learn more about your project.

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